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Hi folks,
If you have not ventured far enough to cook a Hyderabadi ‘saalan’ or a Mughlai ‘korma’ and just stepped into an Indian kitchen, you may want to learn to cook one of the bases of Indian foods. You guessed it wrong, a ‘curry’ is not what authentic Indian food is about.There will be another time for the Thai green curry.

Throw away your curry powder and let us make the base “Onion masala” Once you have accomplished this, the rest falls in place…… hopefully!


Numero Uno : Onion Masala at Masala Gally
(Enough for a stew or Vindaloo for four)

Chicken Vind’alho
( Serves four, requires Masalagalley home made Vind’alho paste  )

*Replace chicken with the same quantity of lamb or mix vegetables