Masala Galley : 7 High St, Eaglehawk 3556 | M: 0478518728 / 0478872457 | | Dinner : Wed To Mon | Tue Closed

 Welcome to Masala Galley,the kitchen of spices.No meal is complete without a balance of spices in India, each with its own characteristics and charisma, not to mention the divine aromas and the Benedict’s touch. The science and art of combining spices continue to intrigue us and so does the land where they come from.

We dedicate this galley to :
The fond memories of grandmother’s wholesome delicious food often cooked in an open wood fired fireplace (chulha), something we aspire to match; the province of Awadh, now called Lucknow, which witnessed an epitome of gastronomy under
the rule of the Mughals and later the Nawabs; last but not the least, to the floating galleys where the intrepid seafarers come together from different corners of the world to make it happen.

As a restaurant, we are committed to quality food with no added preservatives, artificial food colours, artificial flavours, imitations, chemical additives or “jargon mixes”We use butter, ghee, mustard oil, coconut oil and unsaturated vegetable oils as alternate cooking mediums.The herbs and spices (Masala) listed in the description of Menu items are the ones dominating the flavour, the total spices are too numerous to list.

Fully Licensed & BYO (Wine Only)

Masala Galley is liquor licensed and BYO (wine only) **corkage applies**

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